In the UK, and also at St George’s CE First school, we believe that it is very important to ensure that all children attend school every day.  There are a number of reasons for this:
Full attendance means your child will:

  • Learn well and make good progress
  • Not fall behind – having to catch up is difficult and can be upsetting for your child
  • Keep friends and friendship groups
  • Research suggests that 17 days missed from school equates to a FULL GCSE grade
  • Children are at school for 190 days and on holiday for 175 days!


If your child’s attendance over the school year is… School days your child has missed Number of lessons missed
95% 10 50
90% 19 95
85% 29 145
80% 39 195
75% 49 245
70% 58 290
60% 78 390
50% 97 485


Please think about your child, their happiness and future wellbeing and put your child first!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask the staff or Mrs. Redfern, we will be happy to discuss any problems that you may have.


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