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Years 3 & 4 – Starfish, Turtle & Whale Classes

Welcome to Years 3 and 4

In Years 3 and 4 (KS2) we continue the fun and engagement in learning with new Topics every half term. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum with lots of hands on experiences. In KS2 we will study the same text and topics. We often enjoy collaborative learning and celebrate our work across the three classes.

The children are already independent learners and as they progress through KS2, they would be expected to take more responsibility for their learning and their organisational skills. Our Year 4 pupils, being the most mature, are also given lots of responsibilities around school, such as administrative tasks like distributing letters, organising the hall for assemblies and helping with lunch time routines. We also ensure the children are ready for middle school and support with transition in the Summer term of Year 4.

Our Previous Topics

Autumn 1 – Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Autumn 2 – Rotten Romans

Spring 1 – The Egyptians

Spring 2 – Flow


Please ensure your child brings their home reading record book with them every Thursday.  We expect them to read every night a week and that can be anything like a newspaper, magazine, restaurant menu, comics or their school reading book. Just a couple of pages is ample and allows children to develop better reading skills with regular practice. Rewards will be given to those reading every night. Signed record books will show this. These can be signed by parents or children themselves to encourage responsibility.


Please ensure you child wears PE Kit every PE Day, as extra opportunities for PE related activities can arise at any time. Each class will have two lessons of PE a week. One outdoor games and one either Gymnastics or dance.

Each class will have the opportunity to go swimming once a week for a period of time within the year. Please look out for letters for more details.


Homework will be given every Thursday and will include English, Maths and times table practice. Rewards will be given for homework that is completed, on time and to a good standard. Homework is due the following Thursday.

Highlights of the Year

Autumn 1 – Science workshop for parents

Autumn 2 – Dance workshop and performance to parents and visit to lake during ‘Arts week’ to draw in the style of Monet.

Spring 1 – Fashion parade with Egyptian headpieces, Class assemblies (HAZEL) and completing Egyptian challenges (decoding a message).

Spring 2 – Visit to a lake to look at river features, Year 4 cross country trials and a water safety talk.