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Years 1 & 2 – Jellyfish, Lobster & Octopus Classes

Welcome to KS1

Within KS1 we have Jellyfish, Lobster and Octopus classes.  Here we have lots of fun reading and role-playing, inventing our own stories, being mathematicians, doing experiments, designing and making, drawing, painting, singing, getting active and so much more.   We can’t wait for you to join us!

Our Previous Topics

Autumn 1 – Me, Myself and I

Finding out all about our families, how we have grown, where we live and our favourite things.

Autumn 2 – Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Inspired to get creative through looking at the work of Jackson Pollock, designing and making mucky mixtures and disgusting sandwiches.

Spring 1 – Spellbound

Finding out all about Presto the magician and using instructions to perform magic! Writing stories based on the Magic Finger by Roald Dahl.

Spring 2 – Towers, Turrets and Tunnels

This topic includes a trip Warwick Castle to find out about the features of a castle.  We find out about Knights and help Shrek to become a better Knight.

Summer 1- Land Before Time

In this topic we focus on Pre-historic time and find out lots of facts about dinosaurs and how they used to live.

Summer 2 – The Enchanted Forest

Lots of fun to be had locating and investigating an enchanted forest.

Reading and Homework

We want the children to become confident, fluent and engaged readers and so each classroom has its own reading area, full of fun and interesting books for the children to immerse themselves in.  We have a reward system set up to promote children to read everyday at home.  It is essential that each child brings their reading record book to school every Thursday.  In addition to reading every day we set weekly spellings for the children to practice at home.  Every Friday we have a spelling test.   Maths activities and online website are given each week to support the Maths focus for that week.


Highlights of the Year 

Topic – Me, Myself and I

In September we found a time capsule buried in our school grounds!  There was a letter, photos and work from a child who used to come to St George’s School, a long time ago.  This inspired us to learn all about ourselves so that we could create our own time capsules, full of information and pictures about ourselves and our families.  We decorated the time capsules and they looked amazing!

Arts Week

In November we had an arts week and we learned all about the artist ‘Jackson Pollock’.  He inspired us to make our own interpretation of his work using a range of materials and colours.


In December the whole school walked to the Palace Theatre in Redditch to watch the pantomime Cinderella.  The two ugly sisters were so funny!  After we walked back to school and had a picnic with our friends in the hall.

Topic – Towers, Turrets and Tunnels

In March the whole of KS1 went on a trip to Warwick Castle to help us with our learning about Towers, Turrets and Tunnels.  It was really interesting looking around the castle and seeing what Knights used to wear and how they used to live.  We had fun finding our way around a maze and we even saw a real Knight!  We dared Mr. Rivett to climb to the top of the tower.  He made us laugh because he kept on popping up at different points around the castle, just like a mole in a hole!