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Vision statement, values and ethos

St. George's is a community of happy, confident learners who shine. 

This vision statement is rooted in Christian narrative, reflected in the short Bible quote: “Let your light shine” (Matthew 5: 16)   

In Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Matthew, the importance of group identity and unity is emphasised.  Given the cultural, ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity at St. George’s this is of the upmost importance. When we admit new pupils, we welcome them and their parents and carers to 'The St. George's Family'. 

In this Chapter of the Gospel, love and peace are also highlighted, which are the fundamental qualities needed to achieve group identify and unity. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus encouraged all his followers to live their lives in the way God wanted them to – treating others as they would like to be treated – being kind, caring and generous towards everyone – whoever they are; always being honest and truthful; forgiving others; being the best they can be and trying their best in everything they do; being proud of yourself and your achievements; learning from mistakes you have made in the past.

In the sermon, Jesus explained to his followers that if we let our light shine, we inspire others to do the same and this makes the world a better place for everyone. We very much believe that by inspiring and nurturing our children, so they let their light shine they will leave St. George's equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to flourish and thrive at middle school, high school and beyond whilst also making the world a better place.

Our vision and ethos is captured in this felt wall hanging which is displayed in the school hall.  This was created in November 2021 by our Year 1 and 2 children who worked with a visiting artist as part of their topic "Muck, Mess and Mixtures".

To achieve our vision we are guided by our Christian values of respect, responsibility, compassion, honesty and forgiveness.

These values very much reflect what we consider important for our children and ourselves and the sentiments expressed in the Christian narrative where our vision is rooted.

To achieve our vision, these are our current aims: