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How are we doing with punctuality in 2022 - 2023?

Improving the number of children who get to school for 8.45am each day is one of our priorities this year.  

In 2021 - 2022, there were 7 or 8 children arriving late to school every day or 30 to 32 children over the course of a week.  This means that over the course of a typical week each class was disrupted every day due to pupils arriving late to school.  It also meant that some children had to endure the embarrassment of walking into assembly or their classroom late most days. For the sake of all the children at St. George's, in 2022 - 2023 we are determined for this to improve.

Autumn 1:

The half-term started very well and on average the number of children arriving late dropped to 4 or 5 a day in September. However, as the mornings got darker and people got more tired, by the final weeks of the half-term the number of children arriving late had risen again.

Autumn 2:

Again the half-term term started well with an average of 5 children arriving late across the whole school in the first week of the half-term.  However, those cold, frosty mornings in the final couple of weeks hijacked things as people feeling under the weather were on a 'go slow' and cars needed defrosting.

Next term is a new beginning, a fresh start and with the mornings becoming lighter again, we hope people will have a spring in their step again!