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How are we doing with attendance in 2022 - 2023?

Autumn 1:

In the first half-term, the average attendance for children of statutory school age at St. George's was 94.4%. Nationally, the average was 94.9%. This means that we were only 0.5% below the national figure, which is a great start.

Mrs Harley's class -Jellyfish - did particularly well, their average attendance was 96.9%. Turtle class, with Mrs Del Vecchio also did very well, as their attendance for the first half-term was 95.1%. Both classes had attendance that was above the national average - a BIG well done goes to all the children in Jellyfish and Turtle classes!

Autumn 2:

Up to 5th December 2022, the national average attendance for children of statutory school age was 94%.   At St. George's the average attendance was 93.5%.  Again, this is 0.5% below the national average which is an improvement on last year.

Turtle class continue to be doing very well, their average attendance so far this year has been 95.3%!  Whale class are also above the national average with 94.6% and Jellyfish class too, who have 94.2% attendance.  Well done everyone - keep up the good work!