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At St. George’s CE First School and Nursery we deliver the National Curriculum through half-termly topics that are mapped over a two-year cycle and adapted as necessary based on the needs of the children.

Our Curriculum Map show both skills and content as out intent is that skills are repeated and applied in a series of contexts across the curriculum content that is covered.

Our Curriculum Map have recently been adapted in light of lost learning time due to school closures. We have mapped on opportunities to catch up on skills missed over the next year as part of our Curriculum Recovery. These adaptations can be found highlighted in green.

KS1 Curriculum Map – September 2020 (Recovery Adapted)

Our approach to curriculum is that each topic has a starter to engage, skills and knowledge taught throughout with a clear purpose/outcome at the end in which the skills and knowledge are applied. You can find details of this on our Curriculum Maps.

Vocabulary acquisition is key to our knowledge and understanding so carefully planned vocabulary use, taught through a Word Aware approach, sit underneath out long and medium term plans.

More details on our Curriculum can be found by emailing the school for the attention of the Deputy Headteacher.