Our School

Our values...

“I have learnt about our values by doing R.E. and learning stories from Open the Book team and assemblies and reading stories from the Holy Bible and Open the Book team reading it out in assembly.”

- Giorgianna

Our Values

At St. George’s CE First School we share a core set of Christian values, which are principles that act as a guide to behaviour. Our values are rooted in the wisdom and understanding of the Christian faith but we understand that these values may also be shared by those of other faiths and those of none. In our school we are all learning to live happily together guided by the Christian values of respect, responsibility, compassion, honesty and forgiveness.

What might this mean?

respectWe can show respect by:

  • Saying please and thank you.
  • Holding doors open for adults.
  • Being understanding of other people’s point of view and religion.

“Respect is to have manners. Use kind words.” – Lea

responsibilityWe can take responsibility by:

  • Looking after our own and other people’s belongings.
  • Being accountable for things we say and do.
  • Always trying our best in our learning and anything else we are asked to do.

“Responsibility is looking after things you have been trusted with” – Aayan

compassionWe can show compassion by:

  • Understanding how other children are feeling.
  • Helping children who are sad or hurt.
  • Looking after and caring for our friends.

truthfulnessWe can show honesty by:

  • Always telling the truth.
  • Helping our friends to tell the truth.
  • Sharing our feelings and activities with our parents.

   “I have been honest about when I did something wrong. They (the values) are making me think about my life”  – Nabeel

forgivnessWe can show forgiveness by:

  • Being able to accept other people’s apologies.
  • Saying sorry when we have hurt or upset somebody.
  • Starting each day thinking the best of our friends and families.

In Collective Worship we learn about stories from the Bible that teach us how important these values are in living our lives.

Collective Worship has taught Ellie that:

“Forgiveness is always the way to fix friendship”.