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“I have learnt about our values by doing R.E. and learning stories from Open the Book team and assemblies and reading stories from the Holy Bible and Open the Book team reading it out in assembly.”

Reports, Funding & Awards

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Our Ofsted Report (2016)

“Leaders, including governors and staff, share a commitment to pupils’ well-being.  They genuinely care about the pupils and want them to grow in confidence and develop self-esteem.  All staff are keen to encourage the development of the ‘whole person’.”

“All staff share a commitment to care for pupils of all ages and provide a safe environment in which pupils can work and play.  Staff know the pupils well and endeavour to make sure pupils feel settled and confident.”

“Pupils show respect for all adults and one another in lessons, assemblies and moving around school.  They work together cooperatively.  Pupils say that they feel safe in school because staff are kind.  Visitors, such as the police, help pupils understand important aspects of personal safety.”

“Pupils’ knowledge of life in modern Britain and their awareness of British values are underpinned by the school’s own ethics and principles.  Pupils appreciate the need for school rules and generally show good manners.  They understand the beliefs, customs and celebrations of different religions and visit different places of worship.  School assemblies provide time for reflection and purposefully acknowledge different faiths.”

“In lessons, pupils listen carefully to adults’ instructions and explanations.  They discuss their ideas with one another and are keen to share.  Adults encourage pupils to work cooperatively in groups and are quick to praise examples of good behaviour.”



St George’s CofE First School Monitoring Report 16 October 2018St George’s CofE First School – Monitoring Report 30 April 2018Read the latest St Georges Ofsted Report

Sports Funding

Ofsted 2016 – “Additional sports funding has been used effectively to train teachers and increase pupils’ participation in inter-school competitive sports. Pupils’ confidence has grown as they successfully developed essential skills in a range of activities.”

School Sports Funding 2016-17School Sports Funding 2015-16School Sports Funding 2014-15Sports Funding 2013-14


Achievement for All AwardLeading Parent Partnership Award (Report November 2016)Nurture Group Quality Mark Award 2017

More information about the Leading Parent Partnerhsip Award can be found on their website: www.awardplace.co.uk


St George’s Church School SIAMS Report April 2017Church School SIAMS Report