Learning at St George's

Religious Education

We believe that R.E provides the opportunity to reflect that religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, whilst taking into account the teaching and practices of other principle religions represented in Great Britain. It is a subject that celebrates diversity and challenges stereotypes.

Key Skills

  • Level 1: Name / recognise / recall / talk about / respond simply
  • Level 2: Retell / identify / question / begin to interpret / respond
  • Level 3: Describe / make links / reflect
  • Level 4: Show understanding / describe significance and impact /
  • suggest answers / respond using examples from religions studied


Foundation Stage: Links to Understanding the World

Key Stage 1: Christianity and Judaism

Key Stage 2: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism

There are four strands within each programme of study. They are:

  • Beliefs
  • Expression and Celebration
  • Living and Belonging
  • The search for Meaning and Purpose


Visits and celebrations to places of worship in our local community: St. Stephen’s Church, Mount Carmel Church

Celebrating Remembrance Day

Visits to places of worship in the wider community: Birmingham Mandir and Synagogue, Coventry Cathedral

Question time with the Vicar and Imam