Learning at St George's


Key Skills

  • I can explore ideas in art.
  • I can investigate different art materials.
  • With help I can investigate shape, form and space and colour and texture.
  • I can produce a series of drawings to explore art ideas.
  • I have investigated visual and tactile qualities in materials and processes.
  • I can explore ideas and assess and evaluate visual and other information, including images and artefacts from different historical, social and cultural contexts.
  • I can produce a good amount of research work in my sketchbook.

Our Aims

  • To engage, inspire and challenge pupils
  • To equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to experiment with and create their own work
  • To increase their proficiency in drawing using a variety of different tools
  • To enable them to experience a wide range of different media when drawing, painting and sculpting
  • To give pupils the opportunity to record their observations
  • To be able to evaluate their own art work and the work of others
  • To be able to appreciate and discuss the work of famous artists, describing similarities and differences
  • To recognise features of famous artwork and its place in history

 Evaluating and Developing Work

  • I can talk about what I think or feel about my own art work and other people’s work.
  • I can talk about differences between my own and others’ art work.
  • I can point out parts of my work which could be improved.
  • I try to suggest ways of improving it.
  • I can make links between the ideas behind my own work and those of others, including artists I have studied.
  • I can modify and improve my work as it progresses so that it turns out how I wanted it to.


Foundation Stage

  • Finger painting, drawing in sand, exploring how materials feel
  • Learning to hold and use large handled tools including pencils, brushes and scissors
  • Experimenting with different media
  • Talking about their work “I have painted my house”
  • Creating in play-dough, junk materials and construction equipment
  • Beginning to engage with the work of different artists (through Take One Picture topic)

Key Stage 1

Developing their creative ideas by experiencing an even wider range of media
Beginning to make choices ( colour or size of paper, medium to use)
Developing observational drawing techniques, trying to achieve simple scale, form and proportion
Comparing their work to that of their peers and other artists
Designing, making and evaluating
Learning to hold and control other tools such as scraper board blades, clay tools, fine brushes, sketching pencils
Talking about similarities and differences when looking at work of artists

Key Stage 2

Keeping a sketchbook of their observations, ideas and designs
Selecting and using a range of media
Developing their observational drawing, using tone, and a growing awareness of perspective
Beginning to recognise the work of different artists and cultures
Emulating the work of other artists or cultures
Designing, making, modifying and evaluating
Using tools to create finer detail in their work
Becoming increasingly aware that art comes in many different forms