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Hazel Class Message – 28.06.20

Posted on 28th June 2020 • By Admin • Categories: Whole School

Hi Hazel Class,

It is Miss Chadwick writing to you this week!

I am missing you all so much, especially as I am back in school. Its very strange not seeing your faces and hearing you laugh at me and my terrible jokes.

I hope you and your families are safe and well? I’ve really enjoyed this time at home with my family and our puppy, Pin. It was her 1st birthday in June so we had a little celebration with a puppy cake, her favourite bone and I bought her a hat and a bandana to wear.

We’ve been taking Pin out on lots of walks and have found some really beautiful places that we didn’t know existed. It’s reminded just me how picturesque our local area is. We have also seen lots of wildlife. On one of our evening walks a deer walked across the path…we were gobsmacked to see it but felt incredibly lucky to see it so closely. Have you been out for walks with your family? Have you found any interesting places or seen anything exciting?

My daughter Ruby and myself have been trying to keep fit. We have been doing P.E. with Joe every day and decided to challenge ourselves to be able to run 10km. We started running 3/4 Km a few times a week and have gradually increased the distance. We were extremely proud when we reached our target and actually managed 11Km! It wasn’t easy and lots of days I didn’t want to go for a run, but we helped motivate each other by reminding ourselves how good we would feel after we had finished and this usually did the trick. Maybe you could set yourself a little challenge and see what you can improve on. It could be running like me, skipping, throwing and catching or reading a longer book, I’d love to hear all about your personal challenges.

I’ve also been busy crafting and making lots of things as this is something that I really enjoy doing and it makes me smile. I hope you have been doing lots of things that make you smile while you have been at home.

I can’t wait to see all your faces and see how much you have all grown. I’m sure most of you will be taller than me now!! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, be kind and smile.


Miss Chadwick

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