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Birch Class Message – 15.05.20

Posted on 15th May 2020 • By Admin • Categories: Whole School

Hi Birch Class!

We are really missing seeing each and every one of your lovely, smiley faces so we thought we would write you a little message to tell you about what we have been getting up to!

Mrs Evans has been busy in her garden – mowing the lawn, digging the borders and planting colourful plants. So far she has even remembered to water the plants every day!

She has enjoyed going on a walk each day. Her favourite walk was when she saw a little hedgehog, she decided to name it Sonic!

Mrs Evans has also been busy in the kitchen. She found out her soup maker from the back of the cupboard and has been making Mr Evans lots of delicious soups for his dinner, although one she made was bright purple and tasted horrible – she won’t be making red cabbage soup again!

Miss Parry has been busy looking after her children and thinking of lots of fun activities for them to do. She had so many wonderful ideas that she set up a page called ‘Keep the kids busy’ and has been posting lots of activities for you to have a go at. Have you seen some of her videos?

Miss Parry has also been having fun by experimenting with her make up! She has been keeping in touch with her friends by sending them pictures of herself with lots of different looks – she even made herself into a unicorn one day!

We are looking forward to hearing all your stories when we are back at school, until then enjoy spending time with your family and make sure you keep staying safe.

We hope to see you soon,

Mrs Evans and Miss Parry

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