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I am pleased with … the loving and caring nature of all the teachers towards their pupils. Also … the attention they give to individual child’s needs.

Our Staff


Mrs M Bradbury

Teaching Staff


Mrs M Bradbury


Teaching Staff

Mrs T Koser (Deputy Head, SENCO)

Miss L Edwards (Year 3/4 teacher)

MIss C Haines (Year 3/4 teacher)

Miss N Round  (Year 3/4 teacher)

Miss E Garrigues (Year 2 teacher)

Mrs R Bennett (Year 1/2 teacher)

Mrs C Dunne (Maternity Leave)

Mrs L Overton (Year 1 teacher)

Mrs L Browning  (Reception teacher)

Miss R Kemp (Reception teacher)

Mrs T Harley (Nursery teacher)


Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants

Mrs T Akhtar (Year 3/4)

Mrs E Atkinson (Year 4) (Maternity leave)

Mrs K Catton (Nursery)

Miss D Chadwick (HLTA)

Mrs S Clement (HLTA)

Mrs G Fisher (Year 1)

Miss T Fletcher (Year 3/4)

Mrs S Hamilton (Nursery)

Mrs A Irving (Reception)

Mrs C Machin (HLTA – Nursery)

Mrs L Masson (Year 2)

Mrs G Munir (SEN)

Miss D Parry (Reception)

Miss H Shafiq (SEN)

Mrs E Shipway (Nurture Group)

Mrs N Smith (Year 1/2)

Mrs S Willetts (Nurture Group)

Mrs F Underhill (Year 3) (Maternity Leave)


Office Team

Mrs N Beech

Mrs T Green


Lunchtime Team

Mrs T Foster

Mrs S Naveed

Miss C Munro

Mr C Beedles

Mrs F Aziz (casual lunchtime supervisor)

Teaching Assistant Activity Leaders


Clean Team

Mrs T Foster

Miss C Munro

Mrs A Partridge

Miss N Parveen

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