What our pupils say...

I think my learning was good this year and one of my favourite subjects was art. Also I enjoyed the Young Voices, Music Festival and the trips. I think this school is very good and I’ve had happy times.


Early Years

At St. George’s we aim to provide a safe, happy and secure environment in which your child will be encouraged to develop the skills that s/he will require on entering full time education.

The Foundation Stage provides a broad, balanced curriculum which will give your child plenty of opportunities, both indoors and outdoors, to experiment, question and explore at his/her own pace through carefully structured play.

Pupils start part time in early September in order to allow time for important conversations to take place with parents/carers. As staff and parents/carers will be working in close partnership it is vital that we learn as much about your child as possible so that we can support a happy, secure transition.

Above all, we hope the children in the Foundation Stage will learn to become happy, confident individuals who, because of early experiences, will be able to tackle future challenges.

Children in our Nursery and Reception classes work towards the Early Learning Goals which prepares them for the National Curriculum. These are as follows.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children learn important personal, social and emotional skills. They work as a team, taking turns and learning about making friendships.

Language and Literacy

During the Foundation Stage children begin to acquire important skills that will help them to get ready to read and write; books and stories play an important part of this.  Children also learn good speaking and listening skills.

Mathematical Skills

Through practical activities the children will secure a solid foundation for their future mathematical learning.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The children explore and investigate the world around them.

Creative Development

The children learn creative skills and are encouraged to express themselves through art and craft, cooking and structured play.

Physical Development

Allocated hall times allow children to develop movement and control of their bodies. Outdoor play experiences help children to develop risk taking and gross motor skills

Early Years Learning Journey Spring 1