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KS1 lay siege to Warwick Castle

Posted on 10th October 2017 • By Marie Bradbury • Categories: Birch Class, Cherry Class, Maple Class, St Georges, Uncategorised

Today KS1 had a fantastic time on our trip to Warwick Castle.  Walking through the gatehouse, the children were able to spot the portcullis and murder holes.  We also saw a trebuchet show, a birds of prey show, got lost in a maze, put Mrs Smith and Mrs Machin in the stocks and watched a bowman shoot arrows at a target! The children had a chance to explore the castle and find out what their jobs would have been if they had lived there in the past.  Some of the children had a story read to them by a princess and others had a chance to look at the weapons and armour used by soldiers.  When asked what their favourite part of the visit to Warwick Castle was, some of the children said:

‘My favourite bit was the bowman because he hit the bullseye.’ – Jenson

‘I liked the trebuchet.’ – Hashim

‘All of it!’ – Amaris and Kieran

Unfortunately, we were a bit late back to school but as one child said, ‘We’re late because we did all of those wonderful things!’ – Kyren

Another child said: ‘We’ve gone back in time, when are we going back to 2017?’ – Mussa

Unfortunately we can’t travel back in time everyday, so we’ll see you all tomorrow  in 2017!

Take a look at the photos below to see what an amazing time we had!

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    Wow! What an amazing day you must have had. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Rehaan had an amazing time . He told me all about it ,it sounds like they had a good time . Remember when I had been there .

    I really enjoyed going to Warwick Castle especially the Horrible Histories Maze. We had fun going through the wooden tunnel in World War 1 and managed to get 5 out of 6 stamps. If we’d have had more time we definitely would have got them all! As usual our children behaved impeccably! I wonder what our next trip will be?

      Me too!!!

      Miss Smith I miss you soo much hope I can come and see you again!!!!

    I have really enjoyed seeing all the photos from your visit to Warwick Castle and from your medieval banquet day. You must all have learnt so much about how different life was long ago!

    I bet it was so fun, I’ve been there a couple of times and i loved it. I hope you all had a good time, also i am missing St George’s C.E first school i miss all the teachers i miss Mrs Redfern a lot to and Mrs Smith and all the other teachers. Anyways i hope you a;ll had a good time!!!!!!!!

    Ozma had an amazing time . she told me all about it ,it sounds like they had a good time . Remember

    you must of enjoyed it.

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! It is nice to see the pupils all grown up in year 1 and it is nice to see the teachers!


    Have a good year and happy Halloween everyone!

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