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Good Luck Year 4

Posted on 11th July 2017 • By Marie Bradbury • Categories: Hawthorn Class, Sycamore Class

Good luck tomorrow, as you venture off to your new Middle Schools. Do yourselves proud and show your new teachers that you have lovely manners and super learning skills.


    I will really miss this school. Thank you.

      We will miss you Dawid. We hope that you are having a lovely time with your new class and teachers.

    I love this school and don’t want to leave , however I’m excited to go to middle school. I love everyone from St.Geoge’s CE First School!

    I will really miss this school.I miss it soo much because I in Pakistan .I will miss all the teachers.6 years have gone fast.I loved going to this school we are a very good community which is what makes us so good and special.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ESPECIALLY MRS REDFERN!!!All remember you are all very special.HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY!! By Amayah

      Thank you Amayah. St. George’s is a very special school and so is everyone who has played their part in making it a community that is like a big family. We will all keep a little bit of St. George’s in our hearts as we each continue on our journey.

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