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Posted on 20th July 2017 • By Marie Bradbury • Categories: Hawthorn Class, Sycamore Class

What a fabulous Leavers Trip, we had! We did kayaking, archery, raft-building and team-building. What was your favourite?

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    It looks like you had lots of fun. Miss you all !

      We miss you too! I was a fun day with quite a few falling off the raft and getting very wet! I hope you’re enjoying Pakistan and you know you can always come and see us whenever you want to! Have a great time at your new school! X

    It was an amazing leavers trip with so much laughing! You all took part in activities that you had not experienced before which was a little scary but you gave it your all! Thank you to our lovely year 4′s and staff for making it a wonderful trip! Xx

    I loved the trip. It was really fun and really want to go there again in the summer. This was the best trip ever.


    It looks as though you had an amazing day! What a great way to end your time at St. George’s! Well done everyone for your excellent team work. Have a lovely Summer and look forward to starting your new middle schools in September.

    The best bit was when everyone kept falling off the rafts

    loved it and i am missing every single one of you;) hope you all enjoy your hoiday:)

    Aztec was the best I loved it

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